Meditate to Both Reduce Anxiety and to Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

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A recent study by Dr. Linda Mah shows that higher levels of anxiety in study subjects were associated with a greater prevalence of Alzheimer’s and dementia.  This raises the question of whether reducing anxiety could prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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You take care about your body… but what about your brain?

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Do Brain Exercises Help Prevent Dementia?

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While more evidence is needed, there are signs that brain exercises and learning new skills can help prevent dementia.  Recent data, such as the ACTIVE study (with ~2,800 patients aged 65+) show cognitive benefits lasting up to 5 years for seniors engaged in brain exercises, with reports of these gains translating more broadly into their everyday lives.  Other studies have shown that before symptoms appear, seniors can reduce the risk or even prevent dementia by keeping mentally active and learning new skills.  These should be new skills and activities that help you to learn new things– crossword puzzles, sudoku and reading books from your favorite author aren’t necessarily enough.  New forms of exercise, dance, learning musical instruments or a new foreign language can help slow the erosion of brain cells and create new neural connections, which can reduce or prevent dementia.  In addition to the positive health benefits, each of these activities…

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To Have A Healthy Brain When You’re Old, You Need To Do This In Midlife

Interesting post on the links between a healthy diet, diabetes and brain health courtesy of MEDIC FINDER!


If you?ve been putting off exercise or swearing you?ll start eating healthier tomorrow ? here?s your wake up call. A new study says diabetes in midlife could increase your risk for cognitive decline later on.
It?s estimated that just under one in 10…
To Have A Healthy Brain When You’re Old, You Need To Do This In Midlife

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Be Grateful for the Far-Reaching Health Benefits of Gratitude!


With the Thanksgiving holiday as our annual reminder to give thanks, an increasing body of evidence shows that expressing gratitude benefits the givers even more than the receivers.  UC Davis Professor, Journal of Positive Psychology editor and gratitude expert Dr. Robert Emmons has studied the immense positive effects that individuals feel in their own lives when they consistently express gratitude.

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Fancy a change? ‘Self-Talk’ is your answer #Mindfulness

We all have things in our lives that we’d like to do better:  exercise more, eat healthier, feel better, have more energy or a better attitude, etc.  In fact, most of us have made New Year’s resolutions along these lines– “I’m going to work out 5 days per week”, “I’m going to read more”, or the countless other things we hope to accomplish or change in our lives.  Yet, so often by January 15 these resolutions are nothing but a distant memory.  Why is this?

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Want to look younger? Research says to start with your diet

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While behavioral factors such as avoiding sun exposure, getting adequate sleep and not smoking are crucial to your skin’s health, there is a a tremendous opportunity to improve your skin’s appearance and quality with a healthy diet, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).  The AAD says that diets high in fiber, lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables can lead to healthier skin.

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